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Refurbished Outlet - Up to 75% off free shipping over $99
Refurbished Outlet - Up to 75% off free shipping over $99

Jetech Professional Fixed-Blade Utility Knife Box Cutter

by Jetech
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Founded in the 2000s, Jetech boasts a comprehensive range of tools with a strong focus on professional industrial-grade tools. We take pride in serving mechanics and users from over 60 countries and 5 continents.

Jetech versatile utility knife will provide high performance for both workmen and DIY lovers. Made with SK2 steel and chrome with a 1.2% carbon content, the blade is heat-treated for strength and durability. It boasts with a double milled cutting edge, which makes the blade sharper and more durable. The blade is non-retractable to ensure safety while cutting. It can’t be easier to detach or change the blade by pressing and pushing back the black button. Replace blades are available from Jetech. Ergonomic, comfortable to hold, it's the perfect small-sized versatile cutting tool for your various needs. Help you deal with cutting materials from plastic, acrylic sheet, plexiglass to paper, box or cardboard.

Size: 15.2cm x 2.4cm x 1.3cm