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Summer Gardening Event - Up to 30% Off. Free Shipping over $99
Summer Gardening Event - Up to 30% Off. Free Shipping over $99

NANFU 24 Double AA + 24 Triple AAA Batteries 48 Count Combo Pack

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NANFU Battery, starting from 1954, is the third-largest alkaline battery manufacturer and supplier in the world. NANFU Battery holds the No.1 position in China's Alkaline Battery market for 28 consecutive years. Alkaline Batteries are the most popular and everlasting star product of the NANFU family. This 48-pack of AA and AAA batteries can be stored so that you always have some on hand. Compared with the previous generation of NANFU alkaline batteries, the capacity has increased by 25% with longer battery life. Built to last with an impressive ten-year shelf life so you're never left powerless. Designed to work normally in low temperatures between -20℃ to 50℃. No mercury, no cadmium, no lead, easy to throw away together with household garbage. When it comes to making them last longer, we never stop. Suitable for any household devices that require AA or AAA batteries such as remote control, flashlights, alarm clocks, game controllers, electric toys, wireless mouse, body fat scale, electric toothbrush, beauty instrument, personal care, etc. They are the smart choice for both your family and for the environment.