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Summer Gardening Event - Up to 30% Off. Free Shipping over $99
Summer Gardening Event - Up to 30% Off. Free Shipping over $99

TENAVOLTS 1.5V Rechargeable AA Lithium Battery, 4 Counts

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TENAVOLTS rechargeable AA lithium battery is going to be your solid choice for a quality life. Strong power drives all the electronic device requiring double-A batteries no matter at home or in the office.

High Capacity & Strong Power

Outputs 1.5V constant voltage from 100% capacity to zero. The maximum constant output current reaches up to 3A, the rechargeable battery with a 2775mWh high capacity is the perfect match for high-power devices.

Faster Charge & Longer Duration

Get fully charged in 1.8 hours. Offer you over half a day of fun gaming time with gaming controller powered by TENAVOLTS. 1000 charge cycles enable the batteries to witness your tens of thousands of thrilling moments.

Power Up Your Daily Life

Pre-charged and ready to serve out of the box. Can be stored up to 18 months. Comes with charger, and charge before use is suggested. Ideal for a game console, VR controller, flashlight, toy race car, medical devices.